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Initial Intake Appointment


During your first scheduled appointment with me, we will review your completed health history form, your 4-day food journal, and your NAQ questionnaire form together. Each form will be evaluated, and a preliminary protocol will be established (for you to take home) before you leave my office. The first appointment usually lasts around 90 minutes.

NOTE: The health history form, 4-day food journal, and NAQ questionnaire and disclaimer will be completed by the client prior to the Initial Intake Appointment. See Client Forms for documents.

Free 20 min Consult Phone Call


Are we a good fit? Are you ready for nutritional changes in your lifestyle?  This is a great opportunity to talk with me first without making any commitments. During this 20-minute call, we will discuss your nutrition needs and concerns, as well as review what services I have to offer. I can answer any additional questions you may have and guide you from there.

General Appointment


The Initial Intake Appointment will guide us in the direction of how frequent the next appointments should be.  Everyone has different nutritional needs, so the amount of overall appointments varies person to person. During these follow-up appointments, I will answer any questions you have, offer continued support and guidance, and follow up on any lab work that may have been completed. Clients usually require multiple appointments with me at first, so I offer discount options for multiple appointments purchased at once.

Grocery Store Tour


Shopping for healthy foods these days can be confusing. If healthy eating is new for you, It might be nice to have someone “show you the ropes” of what to buy at the store. I will teach you how to read labels, direct you towards foods you should be eating, and even show you some of my own personal favorite snacks I buy for when I am in a pinch or on the go.

Fridge/Pantry Clean


Are you completely overwhelmed when you walk into your kitchen? Are you on a restricted diet and need help ridding your kitchen of foods you cannot have? I will come to your house and together, we will throw out/donate foods and spices that are detrimental to you reaching your health goals. If you live with family members who do not have the same dietary restrictions, I can help you establish a section in your kitchen just for you and your foods.

RESTART Sugar Detox Program


If you are interested in more of a group setting to reach your health goals, I teach a five-week nutrition class that combines basic nutritional education and incorporates a guided 3-week sugar detox. This is a perfect class to take if you need that extra “push” to get started on healthier eating habits. Host your own and invite all your friends to join, It is also a great course for corporate offices and wellness centers.


Learn more about the RESTART program


If you are interested in joining my next class or hosting a class of your own please contact me by filling out the form below.

Lab Work


Many times individual cases are complex with multifaceted issues.  In these situations, laboratory testing is available.  As a Nutritional Therapist, I do not diagnose or treat disease.  My training is in restoring the wellness of the individual through tools and knowledge such as laboratory testing, many times in conjunction with specialized supplementation.  Currently, I offer testing for the following:


  • Food Sensitivities

  • Gut Health and Restoration

  • Adrenal Health

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